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    Default Create clan logo contest for wot

    Now that Wargaming has added the ability to put in a clan logo on our tanks we should take full advantage of this.

    The best way would be to hold a contest where everyone who wants to create a logo for tanks can do so the winner chosen will have their logo will be used for the clan!

    You will need three coppies

    64x64, 32x32 and 24x24 pixels, you need 3 sizes for the map and info pages. they take transparent png/gif.

    Must use the Synergy (s or SYN) name and our colors as well.

    please submit your images below have them in before April 16th, when all of them are in we will vote on them. the winner will have their desing as our clan logo.

    rules that must be met to be voted on:

    1. Must meet the COC guidelines

    2. must have the Synergy symbol

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    Here's my submission from the other post, with 32x32 and 24x24 added

    The Fluffy Bunny!

    Zoomed for detail

    64x64: 32x32: 24x24:
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    As an alternative to the Fluffy Bunny, I have come up with this:

    64x64: 32x32: 24x24:

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    Hm Goodgulf would it be possible to use the regular now glow "s" and make the shield border color either a brushed metal or the same shade as the S? (I just wouldn't want sky blue on my nice camouflaged tank).

    Also I submit the logo I already made a year or so ago. I'll upload the resized images come tuesday when the rest of my computer parts arrive. ( one in my sig as well you can see it in the logo banner under your name gray)
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    There was another submitted by Mercy I think, but there was concern that the grey S on the grey background wasn't very visible.
    I'll see if I can work something up to see how it looks.

    Option 3?

    64x64: 32x32: 24x24:

    I actually like this one better than the blue glow one.
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    Copied off our Facebook page submitted by Thatguy for MercyKills

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