Code of Conduct (3-11-11)

The purpose of this document is to outline the behavior and overall principals that all Synergy Members are expected to
follow in order to make a gaming community that everyone can be proud of and where everyone is treated equally and fairly
and is not judged on their race, sexuality, religion, politics or any personal disability.

Zero Tolerance Policy:
Discrimination of any kind, to include but not restricted to sexuality, religion, politics, personal disability or race will
never be tolerated in any form. All Members have their own beliefs and have the right to voice that belief but it will not
be expressed in a derogatory matter or in a manner that may cause “Drama”. Differences in opinion will
always happen and dislike will stem from these differences but all members need to understand that mutual labor, understanding
and cohesion is what has made Synergy great and will continue to do so. All members also are required to follow all the laws
and regulations of their respected country this is to include: Hacking, Stealing, Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Threats.
We also have a strict policy against Spamming of any form on the Website, Team Speak or in any game that Synergy hosts.

Age Restriction:
The Synergy Community has no age restrictions placed against any potential or existing member as set forth by the founding
Charter of Synergy. We do request that all members under the legal age of their respected country get permission of their
legal guardian or parent. Synergy understands and believes that civility and maturity can be achieved no matter the age of
a person.

Conduct on the forums and in a Synergy hosted Game:
All members of Synergy will be, at all times, courteous and refrain from lewd behaviors while participating within Synergy.
All actions that threaten the Community will be punishable by removal from the fleet. No member will be restricted from
participating in any event or Joint Community event based on their inability to speak or hear on Team Speak (i.e. Special
Task Forces, Joint Fleet Actions, Social Events or Raids)

Site hosting restrictions also have placed a zero tolerance policy on sexual material, piracy of any type and posting of
violent pictures or videos.

Conduct on Team Speak:
All members will try to refrain from vulgar, insulting, or demeaning language. This is to protect our Community from negative
feedback, and to allow members that use speakers a family friendly sense of courtesy. While we understand that at times
frustration and natural occurrences of foul language will happen, it shouldn't be overly noticeable to the community. Infractions
will be on a case by case basis, and subject to interpretation by Security in conjunction with leadership. Good gaming practice
should be followed, and a proper courtesy of others should be the policy while using Team Speak. No member will be shall at any
time be restricted from participating an in fleet or joint fleet event based on their inability to speak or hear on Team Speak.
(i.e. Special Task Forces, Joint Fleet Actions or other Social Events and Raids)

Conduct of Disagreement:
The Community has been setup to function in primarily community driven opinion based structure. This allows disagreements of all
natures, on any subject relating to administration, leadership, and function of the fleet. These disagreements must however, be
expressed in a mature and direct nature.

All objections shall be stated in a polite manner, and no one person should be singled out in either fleet chat or Team Speak,
without first approaching the person in private and expressing your concerns. You are obliged to formally disagree publicly by
posting your reasons in forum, and you are not allowed to use slanderous or threatening verbiage in the disagreement.

If you feel that you have been wronged and wish not to openly express your issues, you may contact Security, or any Leader of your
choice. The Leader then will express your concerns at your behest. If you request this action to protect your privacy, you will be
notified of decisions by Community staff, and can either go public or appeal decisions once for each instance of the problem.

All disputes are allowed to be brought up with the understanding that the issue sounded has a limited lifespan. If the community
goes against your complaint it shall not be repeatedly brought up in a harassing or perpetual nature, unless new evidence is brought.